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Amber Sinha

Amber Sinha

Executive Director, Centre for Internet and Society

Amber Sinha is the Executive Director of the Centre for Internet and Society. He has led programmes at CIS on civil liberties research, including privacy, identity, AI, cybersecurity and free speech. Amber’s research has been cited with appreciation by the Supreme Court of India and several government committees. He is a member of the Steering Committee of ABOUT ML, an initiative to bring diverse perspectives to develop, test, and implement machine learning system documentation practices. Amber is a member of the GPA Reference Panel of Global Privacy Assembly. Amber has also led CIS’s communications and outreach efforts, setting up a communications team and revamping CIS’s outreach and dissemination strategy and efforts. His first book, The Networked Public, was released in 2019. Amber studied law and humanities at National Law School of India University, Bangalore.


How to Avoid Digital ID Systems That Put People at Risk: Lessons from Afghanistan

The aim of the panel is to use the lessons learned from the Afghanistan case to take a critical and realistic look at the implementation of digital identification programs around the world. The speakers will comment, from their experience, on the issues that must be addressed by decision makers to avoid putting people at risk and violating their human rights. There will also be a time for questions and answers with the audience that will serve to build collective knowledge around the idea of a critical and realistic vision of digital identity.