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Bernard Shen

Bernard Shen

Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft

Bernard Shen is an Assistant General Counsel on human rights in the Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs department at Microsoft. His work focuses on Microsoft’s policy and practice on human rights across its products and technologies, and on engagement with external stakeholders on human rights issues and policies. Bernard has previously served in a variety of roles providing legal counsel for various Microsoft products and technologies including Windows and cloud services. Bernard co-chairs the Freedom Online Coalition Advisory Network and serves as a Board Alternate on the Board of the Global Network Initiative. Before joining Microsoft, Bernard was an in-house attorney at a leading e-commerce company in the U.S., and before that practiced law at a law firm where his practice focused on business and IP transactions, particularly in the mobile network operator industry. He worked in a business capacity in the telecommunication industry before becoming an attorney.


Beyond T-FAIR: Exploring Lessons Learned

Launched in April 2020 and mandated until the 2021 Freedom Online Conference, the Task Force on Artificial Intelligence has responded to the challenges and opportunities brought about by the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing a space for members of the Freedom Online Coalition and the Advisory Network to promote human rights respecting AI. This panel session will reflect on the progress of the Task Force toward advancing the application of the international human rights framework to the global governance of AI.