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Eliška Pírková

Eliška Pírková

Europe Policy Analyst & Global Freedom of Expression Lead, Access Now

Eliška Pírková works as Europe Policy Analyst and the Global freedom of expression lead at Access Now, the international civil society organisation that defends and extends digital rights of online users at risk. As a member of the European Access Now team, she leads the work on content governance issues, including the EU Digital Services Act package and European Democracy Action Plan, among others. She is a human rights lawyer by education and training, with previous experience working for international organisations and as a legal researcher. She is a member of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Experts on Combating Hate Speech, nominated by the Council of Europe as an independent expert.


Regulating (Dis)Content: How Human Rights Can Help Shape Government Content Regulation Efforts

In this session, representatives from a range of key stakeholders will come together to take a closer look at three important considerations for developing content regulation -- transparency, scope of application, and cross-border impacts -- and examine different approaches to each, in particular with respect to the implementation of the State duty to protect human rights in preventing possible infringements of the freedom of expression online.