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Eva-Maria Liimets

Eva-Maria Liimets

Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Republic of Estonia

Eva-Maria Liimets is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia from 26 January 2021.

Eva-Maria Liimets was born on 31 May 1974 in Tallinn. She is divorced and a mother of one child.

Employment history and career
• From 2017–2021, she was the Ambassador in the Czech Republic with co-accreditation in Slovenia and Croatia.

• From 2017–2018, she was the Adviser to the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• From 2014–2017, she was the Consul General in New York.

• From 2009–2014, she was the Director of the Office of International Organisations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• From 2006–2009, she was the 1st Secretary of the Embassy and later the Vice Head of the Embassy in Washington.

• From 2003–2006, she was the 2nd Secretary of the Political Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• From 1999–2003, she was the Economic Diplomat in the Embassy in Rome.

• From 1997–1999, she worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Eva-Maria Liimets graduated from the University of Tartu in 1996 with a degree in public administration and from the Estonian Business School in 2005 with a master’s degree in international business management. Her mother tongue is Estonian, but she is also fluent in English, German, Italian, and Russian.


Ministerial Meeting

To mark the Freedom Online Coalition’s (FOC) 10th anniversary, Finland, as the Chair, is organising a virtual FOC 10th Anniversary Ministerial Meeting on 3 December 2021, hosted by Pekka Haavisto, the Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs. The Ministerial, the culmination of Finland’s FOC Chairship, is an important opportunity to raise the visibility of the Coalition and to set the FOC's goals and vision for the 2020s.