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Florence M. Chee

Florence M. Chee

Director, Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, Loyola University Chicago

Dr. Florence Chee is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication and Program Director of the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy at Loyola University Chicago. She is also Founding Director of the Social & Interactive Media Lab Chicago, devoted to the in-depth study of social phenomena at the intersection of society and technology. Her research examines the social, cultural, and ethical dimensions of emergent digital lifestyles with a particular focus on the examination of artificial intelligence, games, social media, mobile platforms, and translating insights about their lived contexts across industrial, governmental, and academic sectors. She serves as an External Consultee to the Freedom Online Coalition's Taskforce on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights and is a Key Constituent of the United Nations 3C Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence.


Beyond T-FAIR: Exploring Lessons Learned

Launched in April 2020 and mandated until the 2021 Freedom Online Conference, the Task Force on Artificial Intelligence has responded to the challenges and opportunities brought about by the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing a space for members of the Freedom Online Coalition and the Advisory Network to promote human rights respecting AI.‚ÄĮThis panel session will reflect on the progress of the Task Force toward advancing the application of the international human rights framework to the global governance of AI.