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Gallit Dobner

Gallit Dobner

Director, Centre for International Digital Policy, Global Affairs Canada

Gallit Dobner is Director of the Centre for International Digital Policy at Global Affairs Canada, with responsibility for the G7 Rapid Response Mechanism to counter foreign threats to democracy as well as broader issues at the intersection of foreign policy and technology. She formerly served as Political Counsellor in The Hague, where she was responsible for bilateral relations and the international courts and tribunals (2015-19), and in Algiers (2010-12). Gallit has also served as Deputy Director at Global Affairs Canada for various international security files, including Counter Terrorism, the Middle East, and Afghanistan. Prior to this, Gallit was a Middle East analyst at Canada’s Privy Council Office. Gallit has a Masters in Political Science from McGill University and Sciences PO.


Combatting the Rise of Digital Authoritarianism

As the FOC celebrates its 10th anniversary, the global trajectory with respect to its core mission of protecting freedom online is moving in a negative direction. This session will pose questions to panellists to discuss how the FOC can develop a strategic plan to combat the spread of digital authoritarianism and the role it should play in confronting the existential threat to democratic values-based governance in 21st century digital society.