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Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Paul-Olivier Dehaye

CEO,; Personal Data Expert; Board Member, Treasurer, MyData Global Network

Paul-Olivier Dehaye is a personal data expert. He has come to public prominence as a citizen journalist who has contributed to the uncovering of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. He has founded Geneva-based non profit PersonalData.IO, sits on the board of MyData Global, and is now CEO of, currently working on a fair use of personal data in the economy through data collectives.


Data and Human Rights: Striving for Meaningful Transparency and a Fair Data Economy

In this session, the angles of transparency and accountability to the use of data are looked at from the angle of human agency, human rights and freedom online. We’ll examine solutions and showcase best practices from the different countries and sectors. The session will initiate a discussion within the Freedom Online Coalition on the practices for personal data gathering, processing and sharing, contributing to positioning data as a more central issue to the work of FOC in the future. It will also consider some of the barriers that exist for meaningful transparency from companies and governments alike, as well as potential solutions.