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Trisha Ray

Trisha Ray

Fellow, Center for Security, Strategy & Technology, Observer Research Foundation

Trisha Ray is an Associate Fellow at the Center for Security, Strategy and Technology at the Observer Research Foundation in India. Her research focuses on geopolitical and security trends in relation to emerging technologies, including AI, 5G and critical minerals. Trisha is a member of UNESCO’s Information Accessibility Working Group, as well as a Pacific Forum Young Leader.

Trisha completed her MA in Security Studies from the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.


Combatting the Rise of Digital Authoritarianism

As the FOC celebrates its 10th anniversary, the global trajectory with respect to its core mission of protecting freedom online is moving in a negative direction. This session will pose questions to panellists to discuss how the FOC can develop a strategic plan to combat the spread of digital authoritarianism and the role it should play in confronting the existential threat to democratic values-based governance in 21st century digital society.