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Verónica Ferrari

Verónica Ferrari

Global Policy Advocacy Coordinator, Association for Progressive Communications

Verónica is Global Policy Advocacy Coordinator at the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), where she coordinates the organization and members’ involvement in various global policy spaces. Before joining APC, she served as a senior policy advisor at the Government Secretariat of Modernization in Argentina, where she led the work with the OECD on digital government, open government, and innovation. In that role, Verónica also represented Argentina at the OECD Public Governance Committee and coordinated the work on gender at the G20 Digital Economy Task Force during the 2018 Argentinian Presidency.


Promoting Meaningful, Equitable Internet Access

This interactive session will enable panellists to discuss varied digital inclusion efforts in their unique contexts in order to together derive a more nuanced view of digital divides and inclusion efforts. It will enable participants to draw on empirical lessons from research and practice to recalibrate their focus on promoting access to rather promoting meaningful, equitable access - or digital equality - while also addressing the risks that accompany access to and use of digital technologies.